e-Freight drive continues at Schiphol

e-Freight@NL – the Dutch Government-funded project to encourage the move towards paperless air cargo through its main airport, Schiphol - has completed its programme with a string of successes.

Five-fold increase in e-Freight shipments

Launched in July 2010 with funding of €1.2 million, the project has successfully achieved a five-fold increase in e-Freight shipments through Schiphol. In 2010, only 1,665 shipments were sent as paperless e-freight; by December 2012, the annual total had risen to 21,176. Schiphol's top ten e-Freight routes are now Singapore, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo (Narita), Vancouver, London Heathrow, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Facilitating role Schiphol

Other achievements of E-Freight@NL include the establishment of a help desk and the e-Freight@NL Online Academy, to give advice and provide online training to the industry and potential users. Schiphol Cargo played a neutral liaison and facilitation role between the various parties in the supply chain throughout the project, establishing what would be required to improve the cargo process at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Digitalising supply chains

Schiphol Cargo Development Director Saskia van Pelt was a founder member of e-freight@NL, and a member of its steering committee.  She comments: "The e-Freight@NL project may be completed, but e-Freight will not stand still now, and the process of digitising supply chains will certainly carry on at Schiphol.

"We will continue to drive the use of e-Freight at Schiphol. It reduces costs, improves efficiency and speed, is environmentally responsible and will help to differentiate air cargo from other transport modes."

Source : http://www.schiphol.nl/B2B/Cargo/CargoNews2/eFreightDriveContinuesAtSchiphol.htm