Links: Economic Data & Statistics

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)
De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) -the Dutch national bank- is responsible for safeguarding financial stability. More particularly, DNB contributes to defining and implementing the single monetary policy of the countries which have introduced the euro promotes the smooth operation of the payment system, and supervises financial institutions and the financial sector.

Eurostat is the statistical arm of the European Commission, producing data for the European Union and promoting harmonisation of statistical methods across the member states of the European Union

Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis
CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis makes independent economic analyses that are both scientifically sound and up-to-date, and relevant for policymaking in the Netherlands.

Statistics Netherlands
Statistics Netherlands is responsible for collecting, processing and publishing statistics to be used in practice, by policymakers and for scientific research. In addition to its responsibility for (official) national statistics, Statistics Netherlands also has the task of producing European (community) statistics.